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Chairs by arne jacobsen

The egg by arne jacobsen

One of Arne Jacobsen’s most famous works is of course the beautiful armchair The Egg. Arne Jacobsen designed the egg in 1958 as part of the Royal Hotel project. The project gave him many opportunities and the result of his various furniture and lamps will be remembered forever. The egg is beautiful, timeless, sculptural and differs from the competition in many ways.

Ox chair by arne jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Oksen

The sculptural and strong armchair “Oksen” was designed by Arne Jacobsen in the years 1962-1966. It took a full 5 years to develop Oksen as he returned over and over again over the years with new variations of it. When he first published it in 1966, he surprised design connoisseurs around the world as it was so different and edgy in design compared to his other round and soft armchairs. The inspiration for Oksen comes from the American recliner.

Pot chair by arne jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Gryden Stol

In 1959, Arne Jacobsen designed the “Pot” for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Over the years, it has had its seat and materials improved by Fritz Hansen in order to live up to today’s requirements for quality. Pot chair is simple, beautiful and timeless.

Swan chair by arne jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Svanen

The Swan was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. The Swan was originally designed for the lobby and lounge areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The assignment gave Arne Jacobsen the opportunity to realize his ideas about integrated design and architecture. When the Swan was designed, it was a technological innovation. The chair had no straight lines – only curves.

This innovation was met with great respect, and the Swan therefore marked itself quickly as a recognized and prestigious design. The swan is available with or without a reversal, which makes the chair ideal for several different establishments. The chair is available in different materials, especially the black leather basic and classic red are extremely popular. No matter how you have set up in your home, you will definitely find room for this luxurious design chair. The chair can be used both at the desk, like a reading chair in the corner and much, much more.

Chairs By Børge Mogensen

Spanish chair by børge mogensen

Børge Mogensen Den Spanske Stol

A beautiful and classic armchair designed by Børge Mogensen. The Spanish chair is an interpretation of a traditional chair type that was encountered in all the ancient Islamic cultural areas. The combination of solid wood and core leather provides a strong and rustic expression that fits perfectly into the modern decor. The Spanish chair is made of the best materials, and it only gets more beautiful over time. The chair is made of solid oak.

2229 the hunting chair BY børge mogensen

Børge Mogensen Jagtstol

Very beautiful and unique armchair designed by Børge Mogensen. The hunting chair was drawn in 1950, and it is manufactured in oak while seat and back are in core chains with adjustable buckles. The hunting chair has a rustic and masculine expression, which Børge Mogensen works on with in the creation of the Spanish Chair. The hunting chair fits perfectly into the modern décor, and it is ideal as a living room or office furniture.

Chairs By Finn Juhl

Pelican chair BY Finn juhl

Finn Juhl Pelikan

A really beautiful and organic lounge chair designed by Finn Juhl. The Pelican is an extremely comfortable chair that creates an excellent seating experience. The unique shape frames the body beautifully and is made according to best crafts traditions. The pelican is a wonderful piece of design that fits perfectly into the modern decor with a focus on shape and aesthetics. Use the chair in the living room or office and create your very own free space with this eye-catching beauty.

chieftain chair by finn juhl

Finn Juhl Høvdingestolen

The chief chair is one of Finn Juhl’s absolute masterpieces and represents the highlight of his career as a furniture designer. At the presentation in 1949, it marked a renewal in Danish furniture art, and today it is one of the most important exponents of the Danish Modern movement’s dissemination in the United States in the 1950s. For this reason Finn Juhl, especially internationally, is considered the father figure for the Danish design tradition.

Inspired by contemporary art and with its organic forms, the Chief Chair released itself from the tradition-bound Danish furniture tradition and the strict functionalism, with its shape, design and material choice.

Chairs By Hans J. Wegner

CH07 BY Hans j. wegner

Hans J. Wegner CH07 Skalstolen

Beautiful and sculptural armchair designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1963. CH07 is produced by Carl Hansen & Son, who, with their solid craft, completes Wegner’s elegant design. The wing-seat seat of the shell gives a dreamy and floating expression, and therefore, CH07 has become a very prominent piece of furniture in Danish furniture design. The unique shape and the delicious materials make the skull fit perfectly into the modern decor today. The CH07 is aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time, the tapered veneer creates an extremely comfortable seating experience. The scalpel is ideal as an extra seat in the sofa corner and as a decoration in the living room with a plaid and some nice pillows.

CH25 By Hans J. wegner

Hans J. Wegner CH25

The classic CH25 lounge chair was designed by Hans J. Wegner, and it was one of the first chairs he designed for Carl Hansen & Son. The CH25 lounge chair was launched in 1950 and has been in production ever since. At launch, the chair attracted much attention because of the seat and backrest, which are braided in paper yarn. This material had not yet been used for furniture at that time, and Hans J. Wegner’s CH25 lounge chair was therefore a revolutionary product in the furniture world.

The comfortable and sculptural CH28 armchair was designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1951. It is produced today by Carl Hansen & Son and is available in the combination walnut / oak or in pure oak. Originally it was made of oak and teak but this was changed as teak was not obtainable from sustainable forests and was replaced with walnut.

CH71 By Hans J. wegner

Hans J. Wegner CH71

CH71 is another of Hans J. Wegner’s masterpieces and was designed in 1952. It is elegant and with lots of comfort.

CH78 mama bear chair By Hans J. wegner

Hans J. Wegner CH78 Lænestol

CH78 also called Mama Bear Chair was designed in 1954 by Hans J. Wegner. It has soft shapes and a comfortable armrest that provides enough comfort for a lot of hours of relaxation. CH78 is a fantastic and timeless chair as well as a good alternative to the Papa Bear Chair. However, you save + 100,000DKK by buying Mama Bear Chair.

CH401 By Hans J. wegner

Hans J. Wegner CH401

In 1958, Hans J. Wegner designed the CH401 also called The Airport Chair. The beautiful and simple chair is perfect in the private or public space. It is still to this day part of the interior design at Copenhagen Airport. CH401 gives a very simple and clean look.

GE1936 By Hans j. wegner


GE240 By Hans j. wegner


GE260 By Hans j. wegner


the ge290 by Hans j. wegner

The GE290 is designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1953 for Getama. The chair is called the model GE 290. Super nice chair with very good seating comfort. 

the ge290A by Hans j. wegner

JH510 Dolphin Chair by Hans j. wegner

Hans J. Wegner JH510 Dolphin Chair

Papa bear chair by hans j. wegner

Hans J. Wegner Bamsestolen

Hans. J. Wegner resigned the papa bear chair in 1951. It was a freer, easier and more modern version of earlier earlobe chairs, which both himself and others had drawn.

It is a chair that seats many seats – a big wish for Hans J. Wegner. When sitting in the chair, it must be possible to change position without compromising the comfort and comfort of the seat. The greatest importance on this point is the open armrest, where you can get your legs between the armrests and the seat. At the same time, the armrests are so pleasantly shaped that it is possible to relax while slamming their legs over them. The teddy bear chair is an expensive chair to produce. It is built with a rig that is strong and which is created to last year after year. The hind legs walk through the chair and get to the armrest. The outermost piece of armrests are not padded, but appear in wood. That way, you are free to get the pig the piece where your hands rest or leave when you get up. At the same time, the wooden pieces or bumpers, as they are called, hide where they are stuck. The padding consists of materials like springs, thighs and horsehair which, regardless of how you sit or move around in the chair, provide optimal support. Exactly as Hans J. Wegner wanted it.

Flag halyard chair by hans j. wegner

Hans J. Wegner Flagline

Super beautiful and classic armchair designed by Hans J. Wegner. The flagstone chair was designed in 1950, but is still part of the modern decor. The chair is made of solid stainless steel, 240 meters specially crafted flagline cord, and the long-haired sheepskin puts the dot on it. The chair has a very futuristic expression and in 2002 PP Furniture was honored with Bo Better’s Classic Award to resume production. The chair embraces quality and good craftsmanship, and the pompous shape creates an excellent seating experience. 

oxchair (ej100) by hans j. wegner

Hans J. Wegner OxChair

Very eye-catching and iconic armchair designed by Hans J. Wegner. Oxchair was designed in 1960, and it is the epitome of masculinity. The tight design creates the ultimate recliner as comfort and relaxation are highly prioritized. Oxchair has been a must-have in Danish furniture design since 1960, since its characteristic appearance has made it irresistible. The chair invites you to relax with a good book, and it is the ideal living room. The frame is made of chromed steel.

PP112 By Hans J. wegner

Hans J. Wegner PP112

PP130 By Hans J. wegner

Hans J. Wegner PP130 Cirkel stol

Wing chair BY hans j. wegner

Hans J. Wegner Wingchair

Exceptional comfortable lounge chair designed by Hans J. Wegner. The Wingchair Armchair was designed in 1960 and has been a sought after piece of furniture design. The beautiful sculptural shape has made the CH445 a design icon all over the world, and the chair is still part of the modern decor today. The wings provide a good back support, and the CH445 is therefore ideal as an armchair in the living room or for relaxation in the office. The legs are made of stainless steel.

Oculus chair By Hans j. wegner

Oculus lounge chair is designed by Hans J. Wegner. Oculus was designed in 1960. Oculus got organic shapes and are so incredibly beautiful and at the same time the chair is very comfortable. The chair is very spacious and has a wide rounded back, which is a nice contrast to the lightweight frame.

peacock chair By Hans j. wegner


Chairs By Illum Wikkelsø

IW3 By Illum Wikkelsø

Illum Wikkelsø IW3 Gyngestol

IW3 is the name of a rocking chair designed in 1958 by the Danish furniture architect Kristian Illum Wikkelsø. That the choice just fell on this chair is its comfort and its myriad opportunities to be colored in a multitude of shades. EILERSEN has chosen to spray paint IW3 in eight colors from the graphic shades between white and black as well as in matte pastels. The simple design and honest design of the chairs make them suitable for any interior and sofa.

Chairs By Jørgen Høvelskov

The harp chair By jørgen høvelskov

Jørgen Høvelskov Harpen

In 1962 Jørgen Høvelskov designed the world famous and fantastic Harp chair. The harp chair / viking chair is much simpler in construction than you might have expected. The harp chair consists of only two parts and a string. The harp chair is still in production today. The chair is available in ash, cherry and oak.

Chairs By Kaare Klint

KK47000 safarichair BY kaare klint

Kaare Klint Safaristol

A beautiful and functional armchair designed by Kaare Klint. The safarichair was designed in 1933, and functionality was given high priority. The chair can be easily assembled and separated without the need for tools. For this reason, the safarichair has become a timeless classic that fits perfectly into the modern interior design. The beautiful design and the good materials make the safarichair a sought after piece of furniture that is ideal as an armchair in the living room or bedroom. The chair provides a formidable seating experience, and the materials only become more beautiful over time. The seat cushion is available with or without buttons.

Chairs By Nanna Ditzel

The hanging egg chair by nanna ditzel

The design of Nanna Ditzels The Hanging Egg Chair has long been considered as timeless, whereas the material Rattan had its heyday in the 1960s, where fashionable furniture sculptors and architects made beautiful sculptural furniture in the tough yet craftsmanship-demanding material. However, this development is reversing and, inter alia, consumer focus on sustainability has again boosted the sale of rattan furniture.

Chairs By Phillip Arctander

Them clam chair by phillip arctander


In 1944, architect Philip Arctander designed The Clam chair / Arctander chair, which today has become a design classic. It was produced in limited numbers in the late 1940s.

Chairs By Poul Kjærholm

pk20 by poul kjærholm

Poul Kjærholm PK20 Stol

pk22 by poul kjærholm

Poul Kjærholm PK22 Stol

The discrete and elegant PK22™ lounge chair epitomises Poul Kjærholm’s search for the ideal form and showcases the industrial dimension always present in his work. The profile of the steel frame structure originates from the PK25™, his graduation project at the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen. The PK22 was an immediate commercial and critical success. In 1957, the chair was awarded the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale, the world’s premier design fair. The prize catapulted Kjærholm’s career onto the international scene, where his name has enjoyed a coveted position ever since. 

pk24 by poul kjærholm

Poul Kjærholm PK24 Stol

pk25 by poul kjærholm

Poul Kjærholm PK25 Stol

pk31 by poul kjærholm

Poul Kjærholm PK31 Stol

Chairs By Poul M. Volther

corona chair by poul m. volther

Poul M. Volther Corona

Super modern and classic lounge chair designed by Poul M. Volther. Corona was designed in 1964, and it sparked great enthusiasm all over the world. The corona chair was light at once, but at the same time it had a sculptural gravity that was hard to forget. This unique design has therefore been part of countless movies, fashion shows and music videos. Corona is probably Erik Jørgensen’s most scenic furniture to date, and the success of the chair is due, among other things, to the organic forms that refer directly to the human anatomy with spine and ribs. Corona fits perfectly into the modern home, and it is ideal as an armchair in the living room, as it invites for relaxation and enjoyment.

Chairs By Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm

Grasshopper chair fk87 by preben fabricius & Jørgen kastholm

Preben Fabricius og Jørgen Kastholm Græshoppen

Grasshopper chair FK87 is designed in 1967 by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm. Grasshopper chair is one of their finest design icons of all time. Grasshopper chair was initially manufactured by Alfred Kill in Germany when the chair was intended for the German market. Grasshopper chair is a world-class chaise lounge.

Chairs By Viggo Boesen

Little Petra by Viggo Boesen

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